Sperm mitochondrial uncoupling

Mitochondrial Uncoupling Diagram

We aim to harness the uncoupling function of Adenosine Nucleotide Transporter (ANT) proteins in the mitochondria to drain sperm of energy, making them unable to find and fertilize an egg.

Ion channels of the sperm cell

Sperm Ion Channels

Identification of new regulatory elements and their specific roles in sperm motility is imperative for improving diagnostics of male infertility, as well developing effective infertility treatments and contraceptive.

Steroid hormones and ovarian aging

ABHD2 Ovary

We investigate the onset of female reproductive aging, which contributes to the development of other age-associated dysfunctions like cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis, and muscular and neurological declines.

Bioactive lipid signaling in the choroid plexus

Choroid plexus staining

Our goal is to address two main questions of broad importance to the physiology of aging: 1) how bioactive lipid signaling influences the function of the choroid plexus of the aging brain, and 2) explores the mechanistic details of this regulation.