Will Skinner

Will Skinner

Graduate Student

Will received his undergraduate degree at Harvard in 2009, and is passionate about developing new male and unisex non-hormonal contraceptives. Last year, he received the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to help him pursue this goal. When he isn’t in the lab, he loves to make music and rock climb.

Will studies the effects of chemical mitochondrial uncouplers on human sperm, as a possible avenue towards creating non-hormonal male or unisex contraceptives.

Select publication(s):

Skinner, W. M., Mannowetz, N., Lishko, P. V. and Roan, N. R. (2019). Single-cell Motility Analysis of Tethered Human Spermatozoa. Bio-protocol 9(5): e3182. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.3182.
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