Lishko Lab at Washington University in St.Louis

Will Skinner

Will received his undergraduate degree at Harvard in 2009, and is passionate about developing new male and unisex non-hormonal contraceptives. Last year, he received the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to help him pursue...

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Monika Haoui

Monika received both her B.A. and Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. She loves snowboarding (Cal Ski Team #1!), hiking in Tilden with her giant dog and traveling (back when we could!). Monika is researching bioactive lipid...

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Ana Milunovic Jevtic

Ana Milunovic Jevtic grew up in Leposavic, Serbia. She graduated from Veterinary School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia. She moved to the United States to obtain a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences at the University of...

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